How Technology is Helping Online Casinos Reduce Cheating


For the longest time casinos have existed, there always has been cheating! Ever since people were playing cards, there was always someone who wanted to cheat to get bigger rewards. This can be blamed on our basic human nature!

We always want to have a better reward than the guy seated across the table. If we are up against the casino, we hope that there’s a loophole that we can use to swindle them some money. In fact, there are people who go to great lengths and invest heavily in systems and strategies in hope that they’ll make this happen.

Land based casinos for a long time have been the potential target for scammers and cheaters. A popular casino that’s frequented by hundreds of player at any one time makes it a hotspot for such people. Why? Because it’s usually not that easy to spot a player with the intentions of cheating and especially if they have the help from the inside!

Online Casinos – How it has reduced cheating significantly

One of the main reasons why the online casino portals have become so fruitful is because it’s practically impossible to use dubious methods to win! Most of the cheating techniques that are used at the brick and mortar casinos mostly rely on the physical contact of players with the cards and tables.
Card counting for example is a cheating technique that relies on players to physically see the decks and each card as it is dealt. The other technique is Hole Carding, which has been used for a long time to gain advantage over the casinos.

The benefits of betting online

With online casinos however, intelligent random number generators are responsible for generating the game results and the cards are never exposed during the deal. Furthermore, bettors don’t have the capacity to produce fake dice, fake cards or even get a video feed about the hand their opponent is playing.

This has not only made betting online safe for the players, but it also ensures that bettors have fair results.

State of the art security technologies

Most of the online casinos use the 128 bit Secure Socket Layer technologies to protect the integrity of all the transactions made over the internet. The 128 Bit secure socket layer data encryption technology is also the same method that is used by some of the world’s largest financial institutions to protect all of their customers personal and financial information.

How does the 128 bit SSL technology maintain and see that all your transactions are safe? Simple. It ensures that all the communications between the casino server and your computer/smartphone remain strictly between the casino and you. This way, no hacker or other interested third party can see anything.

Human and other safeguard procedures

The online casinos also use a number of electronic and human safeguard procedures just to ensure that player security is enhanced. For instance, they have a team that constantly monitors all of their systems to ensure that there is no suspicious activity at the casino.

These systems use high AI and pick up any abnormal behavior patterns in customers’ accounts and thus ensuring that they are safe. A good example is the software that prevents bettors from accessing the site if they are from a region where the casino doesn’t offer its services.
Other ways that ensure that players are safe and secure include certification from some of the top casino watchdogs such as eCOGRA and licensing by some of the top bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority.

eCOGRA is one of the most reputable e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulator agency and its main work is to audit the different casinos to ensure that they have different measures put in place to protect players. These measures are enforced through continuous monitoring and onsite reviews.
Therefore, as a player, you should always strive to play at casinos with the eCOGRA Safe and Fair Seal of Approval. The seal is normally awarded to online casinos that have demonstrated to eCOGRA that the games and services they offer are safe and secure.

You are safe while playing at the casinos

The bottom line is you should always feel very safe as you play at any online casino website. You can deposit, play casino games, and withdraw your winnings quickly and more securely. So, whenever you are at an online casino, you should relax and have some fun!