How the gaming on mobile phones evolved over the last 20 years


Within the past two decades, mobile phones have evolved significantly. No longer are they exclusively devices for placing phone calls but can be used for even more practical purposes. For instance, mobile phones have now become the primary gaming device for most people. In 2016, more money was generated for mobile gaming in comparison to console and PC gaming.

1994 saw the first mobile phone come loaded with a game. The Hagenuk MT-2000 offered users a game similar to what we know today as Tetris. The game didn’t really take off. Three years later, Nokia released a game known as Snake on their phones. This game was a hit and forms of it are still played today. Rather simplistic, the game requires players to navigate a snake across the screen. As they go they must avoid certain obstacles. To further make the task difficult, the snake grows in size.

Many years later a new class of mobile phones known as smartphones was released. With these devices, gaming was possible anywhere a player could obtain an internet connection. The technology of these devices also evolved so that their features supported gaming. With smartphones, game that once could only be played on computers or gaming consoles were now mobile. Games like Madden and Call of Duty were now available for play on mobile phones. Online casinos transformed the gambling industry as we knew it. They were even able to further branch out into casino apps such as those that can be found at which let players enjoy games wherever they may be. These casinos were specially designed to provide optimal play on the smaller devices.

With this amazing growth taking place in just 20 years, it is probable that mobile phone technology will continue to evolve. For consumers, the future looks bright in regards to gaming on their mobile devices.