How To Get The Best Deal On Your New Smartphone


It’s understandable that we all want to be carrying around the latest smartphone in our pocket. Ten years ago, people were raising eyebrows at the thought of this strange new device, the “iPhone.” But now? There’s a whole range of outstanding smartphones on the market, and they’re getting better all the time. The only catch is that they can be terribly expensive. However, with a little bit of thinking and a bit of hard work, you can ensure you get the very best deal on your new smartphone.


A Phone That Works For You

You get what you pay for, so the old saying goes. Normally this means beware of something that’s cheap, but in the case of smartphones, it means beware of whatever is the most expensive. You could get the latest, most advanced smartphone on the first day of its release each year, but if you don’t need all the features that the phone has, then it’ll be a waste of money. Part of getting the best deal is not paying over the odds for a device that you would only be a luxury, not a necessity. Ask yourself the type of camera, storage, and speed you need from your phone before you start looking for one to purchase.

Compare, Compare, Compare

In the smartphone world, there’s no such thing as loyalty. Different providers offer different deals, and they can be wildly different when it comes to cost. The type of deal you’ll be able to get will depend on how you want to pay for it; you can pay a high startup cost in exchange for a lower monthly bill, or get the phone “for free” and incorporate the cost of the handset into your monthly bill. Also, you’re almost always better off going to a network provider rather than the official store of the manufacturer. You’ll pay much more if you buy an iPhone through the Apple Store than you would if you bought through a carrier.

Get The Right Plan

The majority of what you pay when it comes to your phone isn’t connected to the handset: it’s the data, texts, and calls you make. There’s no point paying big money for a phone contract if you’re not going to be using all the network minutes and data you’re paying for. As HandsetExpert say, “determining your typical usage is a key step in finding the best mobile phone deal.” It’s always tempting to buy more than you need, but remember that you can always buy more data or texts if you need them.


If you already have a smartphone, then you’ve got a chunk of cash just sitting there. When it comes to buying a new phone, use your current smartphone as leverage. There are many companies out there who will happily take the device off your hands, and give you a discount on your latest deal in the process.

Take the steps we’ve outlined above during the search for your new phone, and you’ll avoid from paying over the odds!