HP Slate will undercut Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Courier may also too

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Apple’s iPad is not the only product to hit the forthcoming tablet market, HP ‘s 3G enabled ‘slate PC’ and Microsoft’s unannounced ‘Courier’ are all in the pipeline and set to be competitively priced against the fruit shop’s latest creation.

According to The Wall Street Journal , executives from HP intend to “tweak prices and features” on the Slate which is soon to be released. The HP Slate will boast a 3G data connection and is anticipated to be cheaper than the starting price of $629 for Apple’s 16GB 3G iPad. This isn’t the only bad news for Apple though, as Monopoly Microsoft have a tablet PC in development which is much more innovative with it utilizing two full colour screens enabling it to fold together like a book, this will also be cheaper.

So as it stands, the iPad which we once thought was going to be a revolutionary piece of tech a few months ago is now turning into an ‘Apple Newton’ scenario which will likely fail in response to offerings from competitors. Sources inside Apple tell us that the company’s response to this rivalry is to either reduce the price of the iPad or to release a higher spec machine. This can only be good news for consumers.