Ice White Nintendo 3DS launch confirmed

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Brand new Ice White Nintendo 3DS has now been confirmed and it’s expected to hit british soil within the next few months.

The Ice White 3DS is currently only available exclusively to Nintendo’s native Japanese market, and it follows suit with Nintendo’s other different coloured consoles.

The 3DS was originally launch in both Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black. The new 3DS will also join both Misty Pink and FLame Red, which are all capable of glasses-free 3D gaming.

Despite the Nintendo 3DS capturing the nation’s interest, the 3DS suffered poor sales in the UK market after being launched here earlier this year. One reason for the poor sales was that there were a number of potential health concerns regarding the 3DS.

What do you think of the new colour? Will you be purchasing it once it’s released? Perhaps it would make a nice Christmas present. Let us know in the comments below.