iPhone 4S Pricing: The best deals so far

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As you all should know by now, the iPhone 4S is the next generation of iPhone and was unveiled last night by Apple. US pricing was announced, but not even a whisper about UK pricing. Here’s the information we have so far.

The iPhone 4S will arrive in the UK on October 14th, but pre-orders can be placed from the 7th October.

iPhone 4S – Pay As You Go

The base price for the iPhone 4S 16GB is £499, which will be SIM-Free and Pay As You Go.

Both the 32GB and brand new 64GB versions will start at £599 and an incredibly expensive price tag of £699 respectively.

Considering that these are Pay As You Go versions, you’ll still have to pay for topping up your credit each month, and you might not even get mobile data included in that so in the long run, is pay as you go even worth it any more?

iPhone 4S – Pay Monthly

We don’t have any updates regarding Pay Monthly prices yet, but taking into account previous years, you’ll most likely have to pay a few hundred pounds for the handset followed by a monthly contract for two years. So, depending on the contract you choose, it could be the same price or cheaper than the pay as you go version.

Contract versions will most likely be available on all of the previous networks that supported the iPhone 4, which are: Vodafone, Orange, O2, Three and T-Mobile.

Stay tuned for updates regarding Monthly Price Plans.

What do you think of the iPhone 4S? Will you be shelling out all that cash on the same design, but with upgraded hardware? Let us know in the comments below.