iPhone 5 camera megapixels revealed

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A report states Apple has got two companies supplying the iPhone 5 8-megapixel camera.

The report published on the Taiwan Economic News claims that Largan Precision and Genius Electronic Optical are providing the 8 megapixel lenses for “Apple’s newest iPhone 5”. There’s a good chance this is true, as both companies also supplied the 5 megapixel lenses for the iPhone 4.

However, with all the rumours flooding the Internet at the moment, it’s difficult to ascertain what’s genuine. But rumours surrounding the iPhone 5 camera all seem to be persistent, even as far back as May, reports claimed it to be 8 megapixels.

Since working with Apple both companies have enjoyed a 27.5% global market share, a stake that is only going to grow huger if they continue working with Apple.