iPhone 5, September Launch Date?

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As you’re all aware, there have been many different rumours about the name, design and whether it will actually be released this year. The iPhone 5 has been causing quite the stir these past few months and we’re here with a bit more news to add to those rumours.

Reports apparently suggest that the iPhone 5 could be ready for a release as early as September which would most likely add millions more sales to the technology firms smartphone range, but it could also potentially damage other sales areas such as the white iPhone 4 which was only released earlier this year.

The name of the new iPhone has caused some debates amongst the Apple crowd but it’s most likely going to be in keeping with the theme of Apples previous iPhones and probably be iPhone 4G, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 (where the “S” would stand for speed, just like the 3GS).

A September release would most likely put the iPhone in competition with some of the latest releases such as the Blackberry and Samsung headsets, powered by Google’s Android Operating System.

In other Apple news, the next updated version of the iPad is rumoured to have a screen resolution that’s one third higher than the current iPad 2.

Most of Apple’s new devices upon release should also be running iOS 5 which will make use of the iCloud service that essentially works just like the hard drive in your computer. You’ll have the ability to store files and documents using iCloud as well as the iCloud service acting as an automatic backup service for all of your Applications, Music, Email and more.

According to The Daily Mail, this year Apple this will account for 18.2% of the global smartphone market.