iPhone X: New Form, New Size, New Accessories


A decade ago, Steve Jobs presented a new approach to the smartphone – a big-screen, keyboardless device that came with a bunch of entertainment options, high-speed internet connectivity, and downloadable apps. It was called the iPhone, and it was the first modern-day smartphone, a device that made the previously scary and somewhat repulsive devices attractive and desirable for the masses. In a decade, the iPhone changed a lot of things, pushed mobile gaming to the top, brought the games of All Slots Canadian casino to your pockets, and generally transformed the world we live in.

In a few weeks, Apple’s anniversary iPhone edition, known as the iPhone X, will become available for pre-order (the handset may not be shipped before the end of the year). It is a special edition, released for the 10th anniversary of the launch of the now legendary iPhone, the handset that has forever transformed the way we look at smartphones. As such, the iPhone X has a special price – from $999 – and will need a brand new range of accessories. Here they are.

Apple AirPower

Wireless charging is one of the features many iPhone users have demanded for quite some time. After Qi has become the dominant standard on the market (Rezence has dwindled this year, as no device supporting it was released), Apple seems to have thought that the time for incorporating the technology into its own devices has come. At its latest keynote, though, Apple didn’t present a wireless charging pad, meaning that iPhone 8/8 Plus/X users will have to buy one separately.

The company has, in turn, given the world a preview: it is working on a wireless charging pad called AirPower. The new device will be able to charge not only iPhones but AirPods, and the Apple Watch, too. The charger will be available next year, at a yet undisclosed price (Apple lists Mophie and Belkin options for $59.95 each).


Despite the criticism, Apple doesn’t seem to reconsider the removal of the headphone jack from its handsets. The new models presented today are still without a jack, which leaves users either with wired Lightning headphones or AirPods. The AirPods can function for five hours with one charge. Until now, they had to be put inside their case for charging – but with the AirPower, you’ll be able to simply leave them on the mat.

A pair of AirPods will set the buyer back $159. Those seeking wired alternatives will find a whole range of headphones and headsets with a Lightning connector, with prices ranging from $39 to the infinity, depending on their quality. But you can always buy a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter for $9.

Fast charging

All three of Apple’s latest iPhone models will be able to “fast-charge” – but not with the charger in the box. To be able to charge their iPhones to 50% in just 30 minutes, users will have to cough up a further $85 for a 29W USB C Charger & USB C to Lighting Cable. Users who own the 12″ MacBook Air or any MacBook Pro model with a Lightning charger will not have to buy a new one – just use the one delivered with the laptop.

Cases and other goodies

While Apple has still to present a Lightning dock to go with its new iPhone X ($49), it already has a series of iPhone 8/8 Plus/X cases up for grabs. These are available in different materials (silicone, leather) and colors, for prices ranging from $35 to $49. The iPhone X also comes with Apple’s first folio case, made of leather and microfiber, with a price tag of $99.