Is Google+ Beginning To Fail Already?

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Google+ was unveiled by the search engine giants a few months ago during the summer, and the welcome was absolutely astonishing; but despite the incredibly successful launch, Google+ is reporting that posts to the brand new social networking site are down by a massive 41 percent.

When Google launched Google+, they had hoped that this unique, new social networking site would give them the edge over the multi-million user strong, Facebook, which launched in 2004.

One effort to boost the sites appeal to users was to offer them the ability to link their Twitter accounts to Google+, therefore meaning that if you post on one site, it will also be posted on the other.

Some other stats suggest that publily shared posts have fallen from 0.68 a day to 0.40, which as you can guess, is not very good news at all for the multi-billion dollar company.

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