iTunes Match set for end of October launch?

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Yesterday, all US developers enrolled in the Apple Developer Program received an email entitled, “iTunes Match Update.”

The email informed developers that they need to turn off iTunes Match on all of their computers and iOS devices, ready for Today (Thursday 27th October).

iTunes Match was originally supposed to be launched alongside iOS 5, however, it still remains in the beta testing stages with developers.

This latest update for developers suggests that Apple may have almost completed iTunes Match, ready for the “end of October” it was pushed back to.

iTunes Match is a subscription service for iCloud. It will cost $25 dollars per year and will match your existing iTunes library with 256Kbps versions in iCloud. All songs will become available for download on your other Macs and / or iOS devices through iCloud.

Unfortunately, there is still no word on a UK launch, but we hope to bring you all some good news soon.

What are your thoughts on iTunes Match? Will you be shelling out the $25 per year for the service? Let us know in the comments section below.