Let’s Get Technical! Apps And Software To Give You A Business Edge

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Going for the right type of workplace tech is as important as picking the right wallpaper or staff members. The systems you choose will have a big impact on which way your business will go. Using the wrong ones can slow your business down, so it is a big decision to make when it comes to what systems you will use for the best of your company. Here are some systems that are making the rounds in big business.



Standing for Electronic Data Interchange, this is a way to transfer data in between businesses. When it comes to moving or sharing data, it is a wonderfully quick way to get it done in a short space of time. When it comes to doing this, the data does need to be encoded in its own special EDI language, so you will need the help of an EDI specialist company or IT support to get this done.


The Cloud 

No doubt this one is very familiar. If you haven’t decided to go up to a cloud service provider and have opted to have your server in-house, there are many benefits on going up to the cloud, and I don’t just mean the extra space you’ll have! As the cloud powers down itself when not being used it is a good environmental tool to have. The help you would have from a service provider would benefit in you keeping your business virus free, not to mention having a cloud system will save you money on your electricity bill!


Trading Apps 


The world of mobile app development is big business now, and even having the right app for your business will do you a world of good! So if you had the right trading apps handy, you can have at the tips of your fingers access to marketing forecasts, changes in exchange rates and financial trends as well as many more things. You need never feel out of the loop if you are away from the business with remote working tools, and having a mobile app that gives you as much information as the stock exchange is a sign of a great piece of tech.


Landing Page Tools 

If you are an SME and cannot afford to hire a full time designer for your business, you can’t go far wrong by using landing page tools to give your website an overhaul. As these types of tools have many custom forms built in as well as templates and testing abilities, it gives you a comprehensive overview of what your website can potentially look like while reducing the pain and stress of rushing to get your website done on time ready for launching.


Scheduling Software 

There are many motivational tools online to keep you going on an individual basis, but if you need to keep your whole organisation on target, you can use software like CoSchedule to help you keep on top of pressing tasks, like getting the blogs out on time or marketing. It can also be used to keep your previous files in one handy place.