Make Joseph Kony famous!

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For those of you haven’t heard, Joseph Kony is a man from Uganda, Africa. However, he’s an evil mass-murdering African military leader who has been abducting children, to turn the boys into soldiers and the girls into sex slaves, for almost the past 30 years.

He’s the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army and his killers are responsible for abducting more than 30,000 children from their families. Once they’ve been abducted, they’re forced to murder their parents and become child soldiers.

A video, produced by the humanitarian group Invisible Children, has been circulating around the internet since March 5th. The 30-minute movie shows the violence and distress that is inflicted upon the families and children. It also the beginning of something that could bring Kony to justice for his crimes against the thousands of children and families that have been forced to join his army.

Filmmaker Jason Russel explains that less than one per cent of the world have even heard of Joseph Kony, however his mission and ours is to change that.

The main aim of the social media campaign is to make Joseph Kony famous so that everyone knows about him and his crimes against humanity.

“The world would know about his crimes and they would watch the trial play out on an international level, seeing a man face justice who got away with abducting children, raping little girls, and mutilating people’s faces for 26 years,” says Russell.

Thanks to the efforts of Russell and Invisible Children, the US government last year committed 100 military advisors to join the Ugandan army to help train and co-ordinate Kony’s capture.

But that support could be withdrawn at any moment if public opinion does not keep decision-makers committed.

April 20th is said to be the day for people to take action, with supporters taking to their cities and putting up “hundreds of thousands of posters demanding justice”.

The YouTube video, which last night had only 10,000 views, now has over 400,000 views and has captured the attention of the world.

If you want to find out more about how to be apart of this campaign, you can view the video below or you can follow Invisible Children on Twitter by clicking here.