MESH Slayer Elemental desktop system review

"A quick once-over of the basics of the Slayer Elemental gives us a pretty good first impression in all honesty. While AMD’s Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition is no longer the CPU manufacturer’s flagship processor it still isn’t far off, while also holding plenty of overclocking headroom if that side of things floats your boat. 4GB of fast memory and a good quality ASUS motherboard both check their respective boxes, while the inclusion of a Radeon HD 4890 graphics board guarantees top-notch gaming performance on the 22", 1920×1080 resolution provided with the system as standard.

The respective cherries on the top of this configuration are the use of CoolIT’s great little Domino CPU water cooling system, and the inclusion of an SSD for the Elemental’s system drive (more on that aspect of things later). Throw in a copy of Windows Vista Home Premium in its 64-bit flavour and a one year return to base warranty, and you’re all set!"