Microsoft will refund victims of Xbox Live hack

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Microsoft have announced that they’ll be refunding Xbox Live subscribers who were affected by the hackers, who are thought to have downloaded content that was then exchanged for real money.

Some users have reported that they’ve received emails from Microsoft stating that their accounts may have been compromised and should change their Xbox Live passwords.

After being revealed last week, people are still unsure how the scammers managed to get hold of customer’s personal information, billing information and gamertags.

Unlike rival Sony, who earlier this year were the subject of a long-running security problem which took down the PlayStation Network, this intrusion of the Xbox Live network is very minor in comparison.

A Microsoft spokesperson has said, “We take the security of the Xbox Live service seriously and work to improve it against evolving threats. Very occasionally, though, we are contacted by members regarding alleged unauthorised access to their accounts by outside individuals. We can confirm that only a small percentage of Xbox Live customers have been affected here in the UK.”

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