Microsoft working on TVs featuring Kinect technology?

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Apparently Microsoft are planning to integrate Kinect technology into TVs allowing for a gesture-based remote control.

This news certainly brings up a few ideas and images in your head. We’re thinking Minority Report, in which Tom Cruise uses gestures to navigate his way around a gian curved screen. Perhaps this is a bit more advanced than a Kinect enabled TV set, but we’re hoping this is the sort of thing that Microsoft will unveil…

It is said that Microsoft are currently in the early stages of licensing its Kinect technology to companies such as Vizio and Sony.

A Kinect-enabled TV could potentially cost a fair amount of money, but the potential uses for the technology certainly out-weigh the costs. We’d hope to see some sort of technology where it can recognise an individual and resume what that person was previous watching. Perhaps that’s hoping a bit too much though.

We blame our high expectations on Sci-Fi films, which make the future look pretty damn awesome, however in reality it will probably take hundreds of years for us to develop the gadgets we see in films.

Anyway, back to the point of this article!

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