NASA Investing $1.6 Billion On Space Taxi

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Yes, you definitely read that title correctly! The U.S. space agency, NASA, are planning on spending nearly $2 Billion dollars over the next two years in an effort to develop a space taxi.

NASA are looking for launchers, spaceships and ground support, which will enable the astronauts to be transported to the International Space Station hopefully by the middle of the decade.

Beginning on October 1st, NASA will have access to $850 million for the “Commercial Crew Initiative” after President Barack Obama requested the money for the project. The Senate Appropriations Committee offered $500 million last week.

Russia is the only country now able to fly atronauts to the ISS after the US space shuttles were retired. The International Space Station orbits about 225 miles above Earth and is a $100 billion project that involves 16 nations.

Russia currently charge in excess of $50 million per person for the training and support.