Netflix for iPad being updated to support Retina Display

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The new iPad’s Retina Display is one of the most popular features of the new iPad and it’s therefore prompting application developers to update their apps so that they are Retina Display compatible. Netflix are one company who are updating their current iPad app, with improved artwork and HD video coming soon.

The revamped version of the Netflix for iPad app is now live, meaning that the app will look great on the Retina Display, however we might have to wait a little while for the HD video support; but once it’s available we’ll be able to view beautiful HD videos on the 2048 x 1536 display as well.

Netflix announced the HD video support update via their Twitter page, but didn’t say when the update is likely to land. The HD video support will give Netflix a definite edge over rivals such as LOVEFiLM.

“The @Netflix iPad App now has high resolution icons and images, enhancing Netflix on the new iPad, HD video to follow later. Enjoy!”

LOVEFiLM now support HD videos on their online movie database. If you are looking to sign up to one of these fantastic movie services then make sure you do your research before committing, check out Netflix vs LOVEFiLM for comparisons.

Are you likely to take a look at Netflix if HD video support makes its way to the new iPad? Let us know in the comments.