Netflix launching in the UK

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For quite some time, us English folk have had to take the back seat whilst the US sat in the front and effortlessly streamed films and TV straight to their iPads, iPhones and Macs. Well, the wait is now over for the Brits, with early 2012 being stated as the release date for Netflix in the UK.

Some of you might already know about Netflix, but there will be a great deal who don’t.

Netflix is an internet streaming service that allows the user to watch unlimited films and TV shows on many compatible devices such as an Xbox 360, Sony PS3 or an iPhone, to name a few. The service is a paid service, which works on a monthly subscription basis.

Netflix is completely compatible with mobile devices, allowing you to effortlessly steam content straight to your smartphone.

Having launched in the US way back in 2007, Netflix have managed to build up a staggering 25 million users in that time. This means that Netflix have had an awful long time to perfect their service, so once it launches here in the UK, we should receive the best experience possible (that’s if our broadband speeds don’t get capped because we’ve been streaming too much content!)

What are your thoughts on Netflix arriving here in the UK? Will you be signing up once it’s released? Let us know in the comments section below.