New Apple iPad suffering from heating issues, according to angry customers

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Apple’s New iPad was released upon the world on Friday in quite a few countries, and whilst the launch seemed to go as planned we can’t help but notice a problem with the device itself. Yeah, you guessed it, it’s an over-heating issue once again.

The problem seems to be the same for almost everyone, with the lower left corner (when positioned with the home button at the bottom) heating up by quite a substantial amount. Some users have reported that it’s almost to hot to hold. Our New iPad 16GB Wi-Fi model appears to have the same problem as well.

It’s being said that whilst Apple has created an even larger battery to cope with the new Retina Display, they don’t appear to have fully tested the battery to make sure problems like this don’t happen; something they appear to forget about quite often when releasing new products.

One user on the Apple discussions page had this to say:

“My new iPad (verizon 64GB) definitely got significantly warm, almost too warm to hold. Not even doing a lot of downloads (just browsing twitter) but having the LTE radio on seemed to cause it to get noticeably hot.”

Users are reporting that it appears to definitely be a problem with the battery because the whole left side is noticeably warmer that the right.

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