New iPad Retina Display-compatible apps could be five times larger

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A recent look at some of the new iPad applications has uncovered some very interesting results where apps such as Keynote and Numbers have nearly tripled in size, which could mean trouble for the smallest iPad of them all, the 16GB model.

It is being said that for the applications to benifit from the new iPad’s Retina Display, the size of some applications has tripled with a select few being five times larger, presumably from all the larger graphics required to fill the 2048 x 1526 retina Display.

Applications such as Keynote have increased from 115MB to 327MB and applications like the iMovie video editing suite have gon from 70MB to a staggering 404MB!

Based on these results, if you’re recording 1080p HD video, downloading a handful of 400MB applications and also storing music on your iPad, that 16GB of storage is soon going to disappear.

Therefore, if you are picking up the 16GB model, you might want to consider the fact that you’ll be running out of space fairly quickly, so if you do want to keep installing applications you might have to give a few of them up to install the new ones.

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