New iPad to be sold as 4G ready in UK

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One of the most anticipated features on the new iPad was the 4G capabilities, but because of how behind the UK is in terms of 4G connectivity, the new iPad won’t really work as well here. However, that isn’t stopping UK retailers from marketing it as “4G ready”.

The news of the new iPad and its features was obviously very exciting for many and 4G LTE speeds were very well received when Tim Cook announced them last Wednesday, however the UK doesn’t have the same LTE speeds as the US so is it really fair to market it as 4G ready?

Some say yes, mainly because users will theoretically still be able to achieve speeds of 40Mbps with DC-HSPA when it arrives this summer, but that’s nothing in comparison with the 73Mbps that the US will be able to achieve.

Also, here’s a useful fact for all of those reading. Purchasing a Wi-Fi + 4G iPad from the US and having it shipped here would be one hell of waste of money because the US iPads will be connecting to a different frequency band, when released, to the ones we’re using here in the UK 4G trials.

What do you make of this? Should it be allowed for the new iPad to marketed as 4G ready, here in the UK, when you won’t be able to receive true 4G speeds? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter.