New Wii expected in 2011

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The Financial Times recently interviewed Yoichi Wada, the Chief Executive of Square Enix and he expects that Nintendo will launch a new Wii console in 2011. Although we’ve heard rumours speculating the same thing before, it becomes much more believable when said by the CEO of Square Enix.

The new Wii is expected to be able to compete directly with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for graphics power. This is one of the areas where the Wii fails to compete with its current competitors, the current generation Wii is standard definition only and doesn’t feature HDMI out. High definition televisions are becoming rapidly more affordable and so it would seem ridiculous for the new Wii to be standard definition only.

Yoichi Wada reckons that PS3 and Xbox 360 sales won’t soar after the introduction of motion controllers, this being due to the fact that they don’t add enough extra functionality to make a considerable difference.

In other Wii news, a price drop for the console has been confirmed. The new $199 price is expected be announced on Friday, September 25th, and the shops will begin to offer the console at the new price on Sunday, September 27th.