New York Post blocks access for iPad users, or so they think…

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The new way that the New York Post are apparently trying to make more money is by blocking access to their website for iPad users. They are instead shown a link to the New York Post iOS Application where you have to purchase a subscription, starting at $6.99 per month, to view the content.

One fatal error in their plan though, is the fact that you’re only denied access to their website if you’re using Safari, the iPads default browser. SkyFire and Opera users can still access the New York Post website from their iPads which therefore means that their whole plan is quite pointless.

One point we found quite amusing, is the fact that if you’re an Android user, using a desktop version of the website or a different phone, you will still have access to the site which means that they are only targeting a select group of readers, namely iPad users.

Do you think that this is fair? If so, why not leave a comment below…