Nintendo 3DS can be hacked using YouTube app

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The Nintendo 3DS is a region locked device, with hackers constantly finding workarounds. Nintendo are constantly being made aware of these workarounds though, and they end up getting closed fairly quickly. This new hack uses the official YouTube app, and could prove to be a much bigger challenge with regards to finding a fix for the app.

At the moment the hackers involvement with the 3DS mostly revolves around removing content enabling exploits from the Nintendo 3DS digital eShop storefront.

The new hack, revealed by Jordan “smealum” Rabet via Twitter, enables you to play games purchased in regions other than your own. If you’re after a new custom “desktop” theme, you’ll also be able to create your own if you decide to make use of the hack.

“Tubehax,” as the exploit is known as, also unlocks the Nintendo 3DS’ protections meaning that users can run homebrew software or emulators. Tubehax also enables ROMs to be used on the 3DS, which means Nintendo could have a rather large piracy issue on their hands if games from the eShop end up being made available to all users of the hack.

Source: Wired