nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Wood MCE Case

"Home Theater Personal Computers, or HTPCs as enthusiasts abbreviate them, may soon once again be all the craze. Very recently the ultra-compact NVIDIA ION platform offered up HD video and Blu-Ray content over native HDMI, and leaves the entertainment center with plenty of room left over for other components. But for those wanting just a little more, such as discreet graphics for intense CrossFire or SLI gaming, you’ll need an HTPC case with full-size ATX motherboard compatibility. nMediaPC knows there’s still a market for home theater PC enthusiasts, which is why the HTPC-8000 case was designed. A stained-wood case with old-time looks is modern enough to deliver LCD-based programmable Media Center Edition (MCE) display. Benchmark Reviews explores the nMedia HTPC-8000 media center computer case and delivers the verdict on HTPCs."

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