No flash support for PlayStation Vita

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Sony’s new portable games console, the PlayStation Vita, is only a few months away from launch, but the rumours have been going crazy recently about the new operating system. The main features people are wondering about is what the OS will look like and what games will be available.

A Japanese Magazine, Famitsu, has reported various features about the new device after conducting a Q&A.

The PlayStation Vita will launch in December, but the device will have no Flash support and it won’t be able to play PlayStation One games.

The report about the Vita not being compatible with ‘Game archives’ is quite contradictory though because Sony’s own information states that this would be possible.

Both Javascript 1.7 and HTML5 will be supported though, which means that the web-browsing capabilites on the PlayStation Vita will still keep up with rival gaming devices.

The Nintendo 3DS also doesn’t support flash, and now the PlayStation Vita as well, however reports suggest that the PlayStation Vita will receive a Flash update by the time it releases in the UK next February.
Will the lack of Flash support stop you from buying the PlayStation Vita when it’s launched? Let us know in the comments section below.