Nokia Sabre leaked picture

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Nokia recently said they’d be releasing and unveiling “a bunch of” Windows smartphones at Nokia World next week, and it looks like the Nokia Sabre is one of those phones.

The Nokia Sabre is running Windows Phone Mango and sports a good selection of hardware inside.

The Sabre has a 1.4GHz processor powering it, and also features a 3.5-inch WCGA screen. There is a 5-megapixel on the rear of the Sabre as well so you should be able to take some pretty high quality pictures with this little beast.

It also offers 1GB of storage, presumably you’ll be able to upgrade this using a microSD card otherwise that 1GB isn’t going to last very long at all.

The Nokia Sabre should be unveiled officially next week at Nokia World in London, which begins on the Wednesday 26th October.

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