Nvidia GTX275 flaws ATi 4890

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NVIDIA announced its next mid-range GPU to the performance range today, the GeForce GTX 275. The graphics card itself is designed to offer a number of factors: performance, physics and steady GPU computing power for a not-so-deep pocket.

NVIDIA will be marketing this graphics card as offering the best ‘bang for the buck’ and going my their claims – it having a 10-35% performance increase over rival ATI’s 4890 – this certainly rings true. To find out how accurate this statement is, we’ll all just have to wait for some lucky reviewer to get their hands on the card.

The GTX 275 should start hitting stores around the mid of April with a price tag of about £170.

NVIDIA GTX 275 Features

  • 633 MHz GPU Clock
  • 1404 MHz Shader Clock
  • 1134 MHz Memory Clock
  • 240 Processor Cores
  • 80 Texture Processing Units
  • 448-bit Memory Interface
  • 896 MB GDDR3 memory