One third of under-tens own mobile phones

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According to a recent survey, performed by cloud security firm Westcoastcloud, nearly 70% of 10 year olds, in a group of 2000 families, own mobile phones.

It was also reported that 16% of children owned their own laptop as well as 18% having a flat-screen TV in their bedroom.

When questioned, most parents agreed that 10 years old was a suitable age for children to have a mobile phone. When I was 10, I believe I was just watching TV, doing homework and actually talking to my friends instead of tweeting or texting them…

Quite a few parents, 21%, also said that they don’t follow their child on a social network, which to be quite honest is pretty bad parenting if you’re letting your kid “socialise” with anyone and everyone online without monitoring them.

Only an astonishing 13% of parents actually said that they did watch their child whilst they were on social networking sites; so well done to them, but I’d expect parents to actually care a bit more about what their kids are doing online.

Just under half of the kids surveyed didn’t even have any filters or parental controls on the internet, leaving them open to all sorts of unsuitable content for a child.

Apparently, the government is considering a scheme that automatically offers parents software that will filter out harmful content, and are most likely going to be included in the revised Communications Act, which is due by 2015.