Original Apple iPod Nano recalled by Apple

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The original Apple iPod Nano was released just over six years ago, back in September 2005, and is now being recalled by Apple after a safety risk was revealed recently, in which batteries could overheat and potentially heat up to a point where it poses a “safety risk”.

Apple emailed the registered first-gen iPod Nano users informing them of the issue and stated that if you are an affected user, you can receive a free replacement, which will most likely be the latest iPod Nano.

Although the battery in your iPod Nano could be fine, the problem increases with age so to be on the safe side it’s probably best if you get your current model replaced.

Apple have also stated that you can type in your Nano’s serial number into the Apple website to check whether you’re eligible for a replacement. Whilst affected Nano’s will be replaced, personalisations or engravings will not be transferrer to your new model.

Do you still own an original Apple iPod Nano? If so, you could be eligible for a free replacement.