PlayStation Move to overtake Kinect sales?

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The PlayStation Move is relatively unknown, compared to the Microsoft Kinect, but with sales slowly catching up to the popular motion-sensing peripheral Sony could be in with a chance to out-perform the Kinect for the first time.

The Microsoft Kinect sold over 8 million units in the first three months of sales, but since then only 2 million more sales have been added to the record sheet. This means that with the PlayStation Move slowly creeping past the 9 million units mark, it could soon be the more popular motion-sensing peripheral on the market.

It’s fair to say that the PlayStation Move didn’t make as big a mark as Sony had hoped, but over the course of the year sales have steadily increased.

Sony better hope that Microsoft don’t unveil their Kinect enabled TVs any time soon, otherwise they’ll be right back at the start again.

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