Previously banned games consoles now available in China

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Previously, consoles makers such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo were banned from doing business in China and were only allowed to do so within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. This ban was enforced back in 2000, and was brought in to play because of concerns over the physical and mental development of children from using games consoles.

In a giant turnaround China have officially lifted the console gaming ban, allowing companies to begin selling their consoles in the gamer-rich market.

The ban, which was enacted back in 2000, is said to have “stifled sales and potential growth” within the country.

“This is great news for us,” a Sony spokesperson said. Microsoft and Nintendo were not immediately available to comment.

However, despite the ban being lifted China’s strict censorship rules could mean that a variety of games may have to be altered or could potentially be banned from being sold in the region.

The Xbox One launched in China in September 2014, with the PS4 following in March 2015. Nintendo has not yet announced specific plans to bring its consoles or games to the market.

Source: GameSpot