Price increase for PlayStation Plus subscriptions from September

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It is reported that Sony are going to begin charging more for their PlayStation Plus subscriptions come the beginning of September. Both one-month and three-month packages will be affected, with the annual subscription remaining the same price.

Currently, a one-month subscription costs £5.49, a three-month subscription costs £11.99, and an annual subscription costs £39.99.

Sony have not yet revealed the new prices, but have said that they would be “in line with market conditions.” A line that always seems to be used when price increases are happening with various companies.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe released the following statement:

We are dedicated to bringing PlayStation Plus members the best possible service with the most compelling content. From 1st September 2015 we will be increasing the price of monthly and three month PlayStation Plus subscriptions in line with market conditions. We will continue to invest in PS Plus to ensure an unparalleled experience, featuring the best quality games and features.

A PlayStation Plus subscription is required for PS4 users that wish to play online with friends, as well as also gain access to cloud storage for game saves and benefit from exclusive discounts throughout the year.

Sony have come under scrutiny quite a lot ever since the PlayStation Network was launched. With poor stability, slow download speeds and 1GB storage limit on the cloud, we’re amazed that the PSN is even still running.

This price increase is bound to upset users who prefer to pay month-to-month, or every three months. However, it seems as if Sony are trying to push users to opt for the annual subscription instead. Costing £39.99 for the year, it’s the same price as 12 months of Xbox Live Gold.

Whilst pushing users to spend more money on your services is Sony’s ultimate plan here, the annual package does offer the best value for money when you work out the monthly cost (£3.33 per month).

Which subscription package do you usually opt for? 1 month, 3 month or 12 months?

Source: EuroGamer