PS3 Slim Appears For Sale

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On several websites across the net the PS3 Slim has showed its face for pre-order. are allowing for pre-orders of the games console for £250 which is due to be released on the 1st September. However, sources tell us that in the storerooms of many retailers the all new Playstation 3 is sitting happily whilst they quickly try and budge the old version.

Just as you may of predicted, recent purchasers of the old version are quickly becoming aware of the Sony Playstation 3 Slim, which features a larger hard drive, a more sleek finish and a lower price. This has lead to many purchasers trying to return their old unit for the latest Slim model.

Although some retailers are still stocking the old version, for instance have removed the old version from their inventory totally, so it seems the PS3 Slim is a total replacement for the uglier original version.

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