Razer Producing Arcade Fightstick for PC and Xbox 360

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Razer has only just unveiled they’re new addition to the family, at this moment it has no assigned name but for now we shall call it ‘Razer’s Arcade Fightstick’. It was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show but it is still in design production, this is pretty much the first draft and they will be sending out to around 500 gamers for them to test so they they can practically review it and tell Razer what the like and dislike about it so they can change bits and bobs to make it perfect for buyers.

The product itself is very customisable, you can switch wires, take out buttons and play with the products faceplate only the stick is out of bounds for customisation. The beta registration has been opened so if any gamers out their want to test it they can apply for the beta product. This is Razer’s first look to conquer the arcade fight-stick market this could worry such companies as MadCatz. Not long after this was announced MadCatz product manager Mark Julio tweeted this:

Is this product from Razer striking fear into MadCatz? Obviously, as this means MadCatz now have some serious competition so i think MadCatz need to bring out a new arcade fight-stick that rips Razer’s to shreds.

If you want to apply for a beta version click [HERE]