Roku TV streaming coming to UK in 2012

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The US TV streaming service Roku, which has proved to be a big hit in the US since it launched, will finally be coming to both the UK and Canada in early 2012.

Roku announced this news last Thursday, which is sure to get some UK and Canadian TV streaming services worried.

The TV service, will allow users to stream a mixture of different content, including TV, music, games and apps.

Due to lots of issues regarding licensing, there will obviouslt be some missing channels and features from the Roku service in the UK when it launches. However, hopefully after time these issues will be resolved so that Roku can compete with the likes of LoveFilm, iPlayer and 4oD, all of which offer a similar service via PC, games consoles and satellite.

Pricing seems to be relatively good with four different models available, all of which Roku charges a flat fee for.

The different models, currently costing $50, $60, $80 and $100 in the US, will feature different options such as full HD streaming. You also receive a fair amount of free content, but services like Netflix do currently cost extra on top of the fee you are already paying.

As long as the prices stay the same for UK customers, Roku will be some good competition for services provided by Sky, the BBC and others.

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