Samsung Galaxy Nexus now available to UK customers

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The long awaited Samsung Galaxy Nexus is now available in the UK and is the first Android handset to sport the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

After being unveiled last month, customers will now be able to get their hands on the first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone on the market. The Galaxy Nexus houses a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and it is also the first phone to feature a true 720p screen.

Whilst the Galaxy Nexus does house a dual-core processor, unfortunately it’s the 1.2GHz version instead of the 1.5GHz that everyone was hoping for.

However, with that much power, you’re not going to see much of a difference in performance.

With 1080p video recording capabilities via the rear 5MP camera, you’ll definitely need a decent amount of storage. So, you’ll be happy to hear that both a 16GB and 32GB version are available.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus also features a slightly curved screen, which proves to be a brilliant design feature in the overall product.

Included in the new Ice Cream Sandwich update, you receive a variety of new features including the much talked about face-recognition feature. This feature will allow you to unlock the phone using the front facing camera.

NFC technology is also built-in to the Galaxy Nexus and also Android Beam.

Android Beam allows you to share a whole range of content including web pages and video clips just by touching two handsets together.

With Google ramping up their cloud-services as well, this could definitely be a close rival to the Apple iPhone 4S.

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