Six Superb Reasons For Your Business To Migrate To The Cloud


When owning a business, you’re always wanting to plan for the year ahead and constantly improve your company. Here in this article we will suggest to you why your business will benefit from moving to The Cloud in 2018.

  1. Cost reduction

Until very recently, the costs of using the public cloud for server hosting was prohibitive. What’s now possible is that IT Support companies are offering cloud-based servers at a reasonable price allowing for it to become a lot more applicable for companies who are just starting up or can’t afford their own server room.

  1. Trust and security

You might be concerned of how easily accessible your data may be through The Cloud, however, thanks to constant advancement in the online world, IT Support companies are offering secure networks so you can feel confident in knowing the chances of any security breaches occurring are minimal.

  1. Internet access

To ensure that your business can use the cloud correctly, a reasonable internet speed is recommended. As the internet is becoming more and more of a necessity, the internet speeds as standard are improving dramatically, meaning that most internet lines for any sized business are perfect for cloud usage.

  1. Freedom and flexibility

It’s becoming more of a common occurrence for employees to work from home or abroad, but by using The Cloud, it just became a whole lot easier. It allows them to access the information they may need from anywhere in the world as long as they have the information they need to access it.

  1. Disaster recovery

If unfortunately, a disaster occurs within your business, whether this is a natural disaster or a security breach that has affected your information, using the cloud can help reduce the impact that it has on your overall business as the data you have is stored elsewhere and therefore no important data will be lost. This can allow for you to recover everything a lot quicker than usual and therefore your business will begin ticking again.

  1. Compliance and the GDPR

With new regulations occurring such as the GDPR, businesses are wanting to consolidate the data they have and simplify any security and auditing processes. By moving your data to the cloud, it provides a robust solution for the majority of small to medium sized businesses.