Sony Announces Two New Speaker Docks

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Sony has announced two brand new speaker docks, one known as the RDP-X500iP coming in at around $300, it is iPad compatible and has a built in subwoofer for all you bass lovers. It has a sleek modern design, it delivers innovative sound technologies with Sony’s state of the art DMC technology, which is a combination of Dual Passive Radiators, Magnetic Fluid Speakers and Clear Phase DSP sound processing. This will deliver high sound pressure levels, less distortion, clearer vocals and addictive bass. While at the same time it looks delicious with its stainless steel accents it will add style to any room you wish to place it in (even your shed). A remote is also included.


Sony’s most popular speaker dock has now got an upgrade to the ICF-CS15iP. It supports charge and play when your iPod/iPhone is docked and it provides very nice stereo sound via its MEGA BASS and Mega Xpand modes. The MEGA BASS mode lets you enhance the amount of bass response from the speakers and the Mega Xpand mode provides you with a richer audio experience. It has dual alarm settings which lets you set two individual wake up alarms which you can set to be woken up by your iPhone AM/FM radio or buzzer. It has a nice flexible dock so that you can place your iPod or iPhone on it while its still in a case. A remote is also included.

Both speaker docks will be available in October 2011.