Sony PlayStation Vita has 20MB download limit

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The Sony PlayStation Vita is the device that Sony are hoping will put them back on top, but a Sony spokesperson has recently stated that any files larger than 20MB will not be able to be downloaded over a 3G connection.

No reason was given for this limit, but Sony aren’t the first company to limit downloads over 3G. Apple also enforce the 20MB download limit, but you can get around this by jailbreaking your iDevice.

However, the Sony download limit probably won’t be as easy to get rid of because I’m not too sure I’d want to be hacking a Sony device after previous lawsuits against iPhone hacker, Geohot, who hacked the PlayStation 3.

One other spokesperson did mention that the limit may change in the future, but that’s not going to help anyone in the present so what are your thoughts on this? Will you be trying to find a way around the 20MB download limit?

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