Starbucks to roll out free WiFi across UK shops

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Now, we all need WiFi to stay connected and we definitely need it whilst getting our daily caffeine fix. Access to free WiFi isn’t always possible here in the UK though due to limited amounts of retailers and shops not willing to fork out the cash to pay for it, but that’s about to change across Starbucks coffee shops in the UK.

The free WiFi service will be part of BT Openzone and Stabucks have said that, “All our customers can access Free Wi-Fi at hundreds of Starbucks locations throughout the UK. Just click ‘Connect’ and enjoy!”

Each session will have a time limit of two hours, but Starbucks have stated that you can use as many sessions as you want, which makes me ask the question, “Why do you need sessions then, if you can just reconnect everytime it disconnects?”

The free WiFi service will be available in most Starbucks shops. Starbucks have stated that shops inside airports will not be covered by this service yet because this is Boingo’s, who control all WiFi within UK airports, turf, but the coffee company are apparently trying to implement the free service here as well.

What are your thoughts, are you more likely to pay Starbucks a visit if free WiFi is available? I’m more a Costa Coffee man myself so I won’t be paying a visit to the devil anytime soon…