TalkTalk could be fined £2m for silent calls

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Ofcom has given TalkTalk until mid-November to explain why it has allegedly been making an increasing number of silent calls to customers, and has told them that they could face a £2m fine.

The way silent calls work is that computers used by the companies can generate a call and if enough agents aren’t available to deal with the calls, the person on the receiving end will end up getting a silent call.

Ofcom guidelines strictly state that an automated information message should be played in the scenario an agent doesn’t handle the call.

The silent calls are apparently routed through two different call centres, one here in the UK and the other in South Africa. TalkTalk, in a recent statement, said that it no longer works with these agencies and if fined by Ofcom, it will recover the sum from the “third party responsible.”

TalkTalk, for the first 6 months of 2011, topped the list of the most complained about mobile phone and broadband provider in the UK.

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