Technology Advances Opening A World Of Opportunity For Immigration


A lot of people have spoken in the past about there being plenty of opportunities for foreign workers but usually the jobs aren’t all that great. It’s not often seen that jobs for foreign workers, especially in the UK, are well paid but due to the advances in technology, things are changing for the better. We’re now seeing more and more foreign workers heading to the United Kingdom to take up better paid positions such as supervisory roles at giant tech firms for example.

Just recently there has been a takeover of UK firm, Imagination Technologies, which backs this growing trend. The tech giants are responsible for producing semiconductor intellectual property such as GPUs and video processing units as well as consumer electronics and other things. Companies like this are very appealing to the foreign market as technology is an industry that keeps on growing.

Imagination had actually put itself up for sale due to the fact that Apple had said they would no longer be using their products after 2019 and Canyon Bridge quickly made their move, agreeing a takeover deal in the millions. Canyon Bridge are based in Pap Alto, California and are financially backed by Yitai Capital, the state-owned Chinese fund. What this takeover will do is allow Canyon Bridge to send over their own staff to the Hertfordshire based site and they’ll be placed into important roles, such as supervisory and managerial positions.

This is just one recent example of how technology advances are opening a world of opportunities for immigration. UK tech firms often look all over the world when it comes to employing staff. This is especially important for start-ups who often struggle to find the staff with the correct skill sets in the United Kingdom and sometimes even Europe. This opens the door of opportunity for immigration, especially as some tech firms were granted permission to issue extra visas to recruit new staff.

Tech City, for example, is an organisation that this year were allowed to issue an extra 50 visas to tech staff. They, like other government funded agencies, are allowed to bring in 250 skilled technology workers from outside of Europe and this is 50 more than last year’s approved quota. So it’s great news for workers who are looking to come to the United Kingdom to explore new opportunities, especially in skilled roles. All the legalities of the actual process can be explained in full, by any one of the many London immigration lawyers specialising in this area.

The move to grant more visas was due to fears of a tech worker shortage. This is because tech firms desperately need to employ the people with the right skills for their companies. With a shortage of skilled workers in the technology sector from the United Kingdom, it makes perfect sense for firms to look abroad when it comes to hiring staff. As technology keeps on advancing, the need for more skilled tech workers is going to continue to increase and therefore more and more will be looking to Europe and further afield for solutions.