The Best Mobile Apps Aimed at Conferences and Events

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The perspective towards event management has changed drastically with the availability of mobile event apps. As they make interactions with your audience seamless and smooth, organizing meetings and conferences has become easier than ever before.Events and conferences are extremely important for your business growth. Hence, here is a list of the 6 best mobile apps that can help you manage them even better:


1. Webmobi

A simple customer engagement, Webmobi allows location marketing, helps you find similar events, provides event analytics and reports, and facilitates real-time push messaging across several platforms. This enterprise-friendly app can easily be integrated into any hybrid, public or private cloud.

2. BusyConf

BusyConf helps you plan better conferences by offering a range of useful conference planning tools. Mobile conference schedules, streamlined event registrations, and speaker and abstract management allow you to provide your attendees the best conference experience possible.

3. EventBoard

EventBoard is a mobile conference tool that makes organizing and communication with event attendees easy. With the help of this app, you can create surveys, view a newsfeed, upload floor plans and build agendas.

4. 10Times Events App

With the 10Times Events App, you can find popular events happening close-by as well as curate events based on your industry. All you have to do is register your event and send out unlimited invites to attendees.

5. QuickMobile

QuickMobile can generate analytical data for your conferences, meetings and events. It can also help in maximizing your return on investments by providing a range of benefits, such as analytics reporting, project management and content management.

6. Event Engine

One of the best business event apps available, Event Engine lets you generate different streams of revenue with app translation, app branding and advertising in numerous analytics and languages.

That’s about it! Meanwhile, you should also consider using an app distribution platform to better manage all your business’ mobile apps.