The Best Wearables for Making Payments


Wearables are no longer just for checking your fitness levels or being able to see your smartphone notifications without having to rifle through your bag to get to your phone. Now, you can use them to pay for stuff without the need for taking your wallet or card out with you.


More and more shops, transport companies, clubs and…well pretty much all businesses, are offering contactless payments and most people who use them will agree that they’re so much easier to deal with, but what are the best wearables for those of us who want to pay with greater ease?

The Samsung Gear S3


Of all of the NFC devices you can use to pay for your goods, the Samsung Gear S3 stands out. This fantastic smartwatch not only looks fantastic, but it also uses magnetic strip readers which means that you can use it at many more places than most NFC-based wearables. Of course, the best thing about it is that it enables you to use Samsung Pay without having to get your phone out every five minutes too.


The Apple Watch


The Apple Watch is almost as good as the Samsung Gear S3 for those of you using Apple devices. Apple has designed it so that your iPhone does the bulk of the work like establishing your identity so that you can more or less just present your wrist and bang, you’ve paid for those pizzas. It’s not the cheapest option, but it performs solidly and allows you to do a wide range of other things such as tracking your running route and tracking your fitness throughout the day too.


The Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45


If you’re looking for a really luxurious smartwatch that enables you to pay in a range of locations, this is the wearable for you. Featuring a beautiful matte black ceramic face and a choice between digital and analog screens, it is certainly the Rolls Royce of wearables. In fact, it would be at the top of this list if it wasn’t for its rather hefty price tag of £1,200.

The LG Watch Sport


The LG Watch Sport is great for those of you who are looking for a wearable Android device that will allow you to use Android Pay with ease. All you need to do is fill up your virtual wallet, then you can tap to pay until your heart’s content, well until you run out of money in your wallet anyway!

The bPay wristband


If you’re looking for a simple, cheap solution that will enable you to make payments with ease without all of the bells and whistles that smartwatches offer, you can pay just £20 for a bPay wristband that will enable you to scan and go at your convenience. It works with most bank accounts, so all you need to do is connect it and you’re ready to go.

Invest in any of these wearables and your days of fumbling around for your wallet at the checkout will be numbered and shopping will become a much pleasanter experience.