The Highly Anticipated New Audi Q3


Summer is fast approaching, and this summer there is much more to look forward to than plenty of sunshine. The highly anticipated Audi Q3 will be landing in July and this sexy car is one of the most talked about automobiles in the industry. It is set to rival the fabulous BMW X1 and it has recently been spotted undergoing testing deep in the Arctic Circle to see how it will compare to its rivals in extreme conditions.

Latest Tech

We will, unfortunately, have to wait a few months to see what all the fuss is about, but we do know a few things about the second generation of the Q3. As you would expect with an Audi, the Q3 is packed full of cutting-edge technology that will greatly enhance the experience for both driver and passenger and it will be one of the key selling points for the automobile.


One of the most notable new features is the impressive Virtual Cockpit. This digital driver display will replace analogue speedo and rev-counter dials with a crystal clear digital display showing sat-nav, playlists and other important information. The dashboard will also feature the German manufacturer’s latest MMI 9.2-inch infotainment screen. Other features include a full suite of connectivity functions and wireless smartphone charging. This will all reduce the number of buttons and allow for a sleek, stylish and futuristic feel in the upmarket cabin.

MQB Platform

The new Q3 from Audi will also utilise the MQB Platform like the majority of larger automobiles in the VW Group line-up. This is important because it could have a huge impact on fuel economy, interior space and reduce weight. The current Q3 is the oldest in Audi’s range, so it is overdue an update and the new model will be a big step up from the current model.


It is thought that the new Q3 will cost around £29,000 when it arrives in July 2018. If a motorist wants to wait until the car is available in the used car market, or look at a rival like the Mercedes GLA compact SUV, it is important to consider coverage. If the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired, it is important to arrange a Mercedes used car warranty as this will cover the cost of any electrical or mechanical faults (which can occur at any time).

The new Audi Q3 is creating quite a stir in the auto industry right now and particularly after being spotted being testing. It looks set to be the release of the summer and will feature all kinds of amazing technology.

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