The Honor 9 Budget Smartphone: Too Good To Be True?


Ask your mate which smartphone they are going to choose next time they are due to upgrade and the chances are they will say the latest Apple, Samsung or Sony handset. Enquire as to whether they have considered the more wallet friendly Honor 9 and they’ll probably just look at you puzzled before scratching their heads and asking you to explain more, especially when you mention the price. As less than half the cost of the iPhone, the Honor 9 is the latest in a bombardment of budget smartphones that aim to topple the market leaders from their podiums. Take a look to see how it stacks up against its more established rivals.

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Before any other specification is considered, the price of the Honor 9 needs top billing. At only £379.99 for the handset, the Honor 9 is one of the cheapest Android smartphones available to consumers in the UK. This makes it a great choice for those smartphone connoisseurs who have a poor credit rating but want a top of the range bit of kit. By checking out sites like, you will be able to explore the options of obtaining a pay monthly contract with an Honor 9 handset for a reasonable price.




The Honor 9 doesn’t look too dissimilar to any other smartphone in the market today. They haven’t attempted a revolutionary design and have chosen instead to remain true to the tried and tested full HD display and rounded tactile edges.


The Honor 9 is available in Sapphire Blue, Midnight Black, and Glacier Grey and while sounding like colours from a paint chart, each hue is classy. You can watch the Honor 9 release trailer at to see just how visually appealing the handset is.  The glossy glass finish makes it smooth and a bit too fragile so you’ll want to purchase a case to ensure you don’t scratch or chip the stunning facade.




The Honor 9 has a Kirin 960 octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage inbuilt. This makes for a powerful machine with super fast load times and no glitchiness or crashing, leading to exceptional performance.


The battery life is second to none even when utilised heavily. Even with a consistent onslaught of video calls, live streaming and game playing, the battery can take some considerable hits without draining fully.




The camera, while easy to use and relatively inoffensive, doesn’t wow with the quality of the images that it produces. It’s decent enough for holiday snaps and the odd selfie for your social media accounts but a travel camera it is not. The 12MP colour sensor does aid those dusky evening shots that can sometimes become a little noisy, but the vividness of tones in bright light is a little sketchy. Fun can be had with a range of effects and filters, but for the hardened photographer, a separate device may be needed.


Overall, the Honor 9 performs well in comparison with its more expensive rivals. For the price, this handset cannot be beaten in term of quality, power, and performance. Maybe next time you are exploring your smartphone upgrade options, the Honor 9 can take its place on your list of contenders.