The Top 10 Accessories for your Games Room

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Ten Must Have Accessories for your Games Room

If you have gone to the trouble of creating a unique, fit-for-purpose gaming den, it seems a shame that this hard work could be undone by a lack of attention to detail. More specifically, the failure to equip your gaming den with the right accessories will undermine the experience and the value of your overall investment.

With this in mind, here are 10 of the top gaming accessories that you should look to integrate into your den.

The KontrolFreek FPS Phantom

This accessory is best described as a custom joystick, and one which adds a delightful visual aesthetic to your gaming experience. The KontrolFreek FPS Phantom is unique in the market, however, as it also improves your aim, enhances your grip and increases the range of motion by approximately 40%.

PowerA DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station

As any console gamer will testify, there is nothing worse than when a controller runs out of battery life in the middle of a game. This is where the Power A DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station comes into play, as it enables you to charge multiple controllers simultaneously through an AC adapter.

Copernicus Decal Controller Wraps

If you want to personalise your custom controller and embolden it with colour and light, why not invest in a decorative skin? Take the Copernicus Decal Controller Wrap, for example, which adds stars and midnight blue to your PlayStation 4 controller and introduces a sense of personalisation to the gaming experience.

PDP Afterglow Kral PS4 Headset

With virtual reality all the rage in 2015, headsets are very much in-vogue among gamers. These create an immersive sound experience for gamers, with the PDP Afterglow Kral headset for the PlayStation 4 one of the best on the market. Wireless and equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone, it is a must for any modern gamer.

The Gamer’s Wireless Router:  Gaming Router AC1300

While all online gamers know that a lapse in broadband connectivity can impact on the enjoyment of their experience, this is even more telling for those who frequent plays live casino games online. In this instance it can also cost players money, but the Gaming Router AC1300 negates this risk by using an intuitive ‘StreamBoost’ feature to prioritise which devices should receive continuous and consistent connectivity.

The SquidGrip

One of the biggest issues with console and PS4 controllers is that they can become difficult to grip as your hands become sweaty during continued use. The SquidGrip can prevent this problem from occurring, however, as it provides a low-profile, padded surface that absorbs moisture and improves your grasp.

The RDS Industries Game System PS4 Case

Have you ever had to carry your own PS4 to a friend’s house for a gaming party? If so, you will now that they can be hard to manoeuvre in anything other than a large, cumbersome box. This is no longer the case, however, as the RDS Industries Game System PS4 Case has been custom-designed to store the PS4 safely and conveniently during transit.

The PlayStation 4 Camera

With resources such as Twitch now enabling players to broadcast their gameplay in real-time, you will need to adequately capture these scenes in the first instance. This is where the PlayStation 4 Camera comes into play, as it provides full filming capabilities and additional features such as facial recognition sign-in.

The Thrustmaster VG T300RS Racing Wheel

Driving games are among the most popular in the world, although accessing an immersive and responsive driving experience can be difficult using standard console accessories. By investing in the authentic and beautifully-designed Thrustmaster VG T300RS Racing Wheel, however, you can add a new-dimension to your racing gameplay and accelerate as though you are behind the wheel of a car.

The Bosco Coffee Table

On a final note, you cannot have a functional gaming den without a well-positioned coffee table. The Bosco Coffee Table is one of the most popular choices for gamers, thanks largely to its multi-coloured plastic design and narrow draws which are ideal for storing other accessories and peripherals.

What accessories do you have in your gaming setup? Let us know in the comments below.