The Worst Gadgets at CES 2016

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The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the highly anticipated events of the year as the top manufacturers show their wares. CES, as it is known, is where a lot of amazing new devices are shown, but there are also more than a few duds in there too.

Often technology goes that bit too far and the Samsung Smart Suit is a clear indication of that. This is less Jackie Chan in Tuxedo and more a shirt that will tell you what the weather is outside, which doesn’t seem practical. The most infuriating part of this design has to be the Welt, or wellness belt, which detects when you’ve been sitting for too long with a guide for new gambling sites and tells you to get up and move.image1

If you’ve ever wanted to wear the most unattractive shoe on the planet and count your steps as you do so then the Smartshoe01 is the gadget for you. Many are praising the fitness tracking technology within the shoe but the harsh reality is that they don’t do much more than a FitBit does.


Among the cool car concepts that CES boasted there was also one not so cool one within the pack. The FANCI system detects incidences of road rage and blasts out soothing sounds to help the user calm down. The scariest part of this machine is that it can also force the car to slow down when it thinks you are enraged, which could lead to more than a few bumps and scrapes. The worst part about this gadget is that drivers can clearly imagine a situation in which these road rage soothers actually make them much angrier.


Out of all the home gadgets that you could have on your wish list one of the ones that’s at the bottom of ours is the Pet Cube. This gadget allows you to interact with your pet, even when you’re not at home and watch video of their escapades. If you’d like to be known as the strange person that talks to their cat while at work then this gadget is right up your alley. Alongside this pet gadget there was another which was shaped like a bow tie and fitted on your cat or dog’s collar. This activity tracker is sure to cause embarrassment to anyone with a pet that is unlucky enough to be sporting one, and the price tag left much to be desired too.


Another home gadget that initially seemed like a good idea is the Laundroid, which takes all the hassle out of folding shirts. This was instilled with a roaring endorsement by the developers when they were asked if it had folded their shirts, to which they said no.